Welcome to Lieksa.info -website

Lieksa.info is a one-man's work in progress project, which aims to provide all kind of information about the city of Lieksa. Data is being added more and more over time and during the summer of 2018 it is meant to be officially opened for the public to use. The site is available for try out even now, but during the developement time the site may appear broken or not usable at times. Also there is not much data on it at this point. I do, however, welcome anyone to try this site out and if you have any questions, suggestions, criticism, and such, you may contact me at palvelu@lieksa.info.

Update 6.10.2017

I am currently developing on a system to handle updating and producing content on to the site. This kind of developement takes time, for that reason it will, for a while, seem as if not much was happening on the site itself. Thank you for your patience.